1. Route
  2. Map
  3. Distances
  4. Transport
  5. Accommodation
  6. Shopping
  7. Cafes
  8. Toilets and Water
  9. Packing list


My walk went from North to South, so the information is presented in that order. You might choose to walk South to North instead. There are good reasons to do that, particularly because you’re more likely to have a tail wind. Click the link to go to the blog page for each stage.

  1. Two Rocks to Mindarie
  2. Mindarie to Scarborough
  3. Scarborough to Fremantle
  4. Fremantle to Rockingham
  5. Rockingham to Mandurah
  6. Mandurah to Dawesville



Day Stage Distance (km)
1 Two Rocks to Mindarie 24.7
2 Mindarie to West Coast Hwy 19.2
2 West Coast Hwy to Western Beach Lodge, Scarbourough 7.5
3 Western beach lodge to Fremantle Prison 20.6
4 Fremantle to Rockingham 35.1
5 Rockingham to Port Kennedy 14.7
5 Port Kennedy to Mandurah 19.2
6 Mandurah to Dawesville 19.7
Total 160.7


  • At the northern end, you can get a train to Butler followed by a bus to Two Rocks. Click to see Transperth’s journey planner for this route .
  • At the southern end, there are trains to Mandurah followed by busses to Dawesville.
  • Each journey will probably take you about 2 hours from where you live or stay, if you live nearish to the centre of Perth.
  • If you get tired there are many places to catch a bus and/or train to the next stop. Use google maps’ directions in public transport mode to get directions from wherever you are.


  • To keep it cheap, use hostels and maybe illegal camping or sleeping on the beach.
  • Hostels are only available in Scarborough (Western Beach Lodge) and Fremantle (many to choose from, but I recommend the Fremantle Prison YHA).
  • Hotels are available at Mindarie, Scarborough, Fremantle, Rockingham and Mandurah if that’s your cup of tea. Try
  • The Railway Hotel in North Fremantle has cheap rooms ($25 according to the board outside). It’s an iconic pub, but will limit what you can see while in Fremantle. It does a lot of live music. You’ll have to phone them for a booking.
  • AirBnb has lots of listings throughout the Perth region, including coastal areas. Choose wisely and you might make new friends. My preferred option when no hostel is available.


You will need to buy food along the way. You can cook for yourself in hostels and in many airbnb properties, and even if you stay in a hotel you might like to cook for yourself on one of Perth’s many free barbeques in parks and close to beaches.

There are easily accessible supermarkets along the walking route at:

  1. Two Rocks IGA
  2. Scarborough Coles
  3. Cottesloe IGA
  4. Fremantle Coles
  5. Port Coogee Woolworths
  6. Rockingham IGA
  7. Mandurah Woolworths and Aldi
  8. Dawesville IGA


There are cafes along the route at:

  1. Yanchep
  2. Shorehaven
  3. Jindalee
  4. Mindarie
  5. Burns Beach
  6. Ocean Reef maybe (sailing club, may require membership)
  7. Mullaloo
  8. Hillarys
  9. West Coast Drive (many)
  10. Trigg
  11. Scarborough (many)
  12. Floreat
  13. City Beach (several)
  14. Cottesloe (many)
  15. Leighton Beach (near North Fremantle)
  16. North Fremantle (many)
  17. Fremantle (many)
  18. South Beach (South Fremantle)
  19. Port Coogee
  20. Woodman Point
  21. Henderson (The Ship and Dock inn)
  22. Kwinana Beach (wells park)
  23. Rockingham
  24. Secret Harbour SLSC
  25. Golden bay
  26. San Remo
  27. Mandurah (many)
  28. Falcon Bay
  29. Port Bouvard (the cut bridge)
  30. Dawesville Foreshore

Toilets, water fountains:

Most beaches and parks in Perth that have car parks will also have toilets and water fountains. Beaches will usually have showers, and often changing rooms. We never had a problem with these things.


Enough clothes, but not overkill. Expect to do some hand washing along the way.


  1. Underwear x 3
  2. 2 pairs of shorts and t-shirt
  3. Comfortable shoes
  4. Thongs (flip flops for the delicate)
  5. Change of clothes for evening
  6. Toiletries and enough soap to wash your clothes.
  7. lightweight camping towel
  8. water bottle
  9. rain gear
  10. sunblock (sun screen)
  11. phone
  12. charger
  13. first aid kit
  14. light jacket
  15. light sleeping bag

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