Mindarie to Scarborough

Our bed was comfortable and airbnb hosts Robin and Jenny were kind and friendly. We woke up to an Easter Sunday breakfast of eggs, bacon, tomato, fresh squeezed orange juice and easter eggs. Leaving at around 8am, we made our way through the streets of Mindarie back to the beach.



I expected that this would be the last section we would have to ourselves as the population density increased.


Burns Rocks, a reef and diving spot near the shore came into view:


And then Burn’s beach:



After some lunch, we decided to move on. Burn’s Beach has plenty of good fish and sea life to snorkel with, but the water visibility was low and it was windy and cool, so we decided not to swim and we kept walking.


Before long, we arrived at Ocean Reef:



We passed a house that had a TARDIS on its gate, although there was no doubting the size of the interior of the house:


Then we arrived at mullaloo:


And followed the path to whitfords and hillarys  that ran between the beach and the road:


We arrived at Hillarys and went for a swim. It’s nice because the sea water pool there is sheltered from the wind by the shops that have been built around it. The wind has been unrelenting and blowing towards us. It has slowed us down and made it much harder to want to swim.



My companion received a call from our hosts the previous night. She had left and earring at their house. Fortunately, they were in the area and would meet us on west coast drive as we pressed on to Scarborough.  When they found us, they offered us a lift. I decided to continue on foot and would catch up later.

I stopped at the North Beach Farmer Jack’s supermarket just after taking this picture:



Trigg Beach cafe after dark:


Almost in Scarborough:


I arrived at the Western Beach Lodge and found it similar to what I remembered when I spent a month there when I first came to Perth. It’s friendly, inclusive, convenient to the beach, a little messy but comfortable. The difference is that it is now Scarborough’s only hostel. The others have been demolished and turned into blocks of expensive apartments.

We cooked our own dinner with what I’d bought earlier, chatted with the other residents for a little while, and then went to bed early.


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