Scarborough to Fremantle

Today was a relatively short day. Only 20km. Noticeably cooler than yesterday, but still sunny, we began walking again at 8am. We elected not to walk along the beach because although the path was never far from the road, it was a lot easier  to walk on than the sand.


We stopped for a coffee at the Floreat beach cafe (good coffee!) but the sun had disappeared when we reemerged and the wind picked up. I had hoped for a nice warm day to inspire us to swim. It was not to be.


There were a few people swimming at City Beach.


But we kept walking.


And we soon arrived at Cottesloe. We stopped for lunch at a bench on the cliff overlooking the ocean, and I picked up a few things at the IGA supermarket a few blocks away from the shore.




The Dutch were the first Europeans to reach Western Australia, the very first was Capt. Vlamnigh

They commemorated  this with a plaque .


My companion had developed sore feet and so caught a train to Fremantle. She showed me later the blister that had developed.

The beaches south of Cottesloe appeared to be dog beaches.



The container cranes of North Fremantle came into view


and other landmarks:

The grafitti is Ok:



There’s a restaurant right at the end of Port beach before it becomes the port itself.


There a a few old pubs in North Fremantle. The railway hotel was advertising rooms for $25 per night.


Fremantle is known for being arty. I liked the commissions on these rail bridge pylons.


The Swan hotel looks nice from the road, but the view at the back verandah suggests some more work is needed.


Finally, I crossed the river into Fremantle:


Somebody had written in the sand of the north bank with rocks. I couldn’t read what it said though.


Fremantle is full of old buildings. I wanted to stop into a church but the ones I passed were closed.


Then I made my way to the accommodation, the YHA prison hostel. It’s a truly amazing place to stay. I’d booked a family room,which was in a new, purpose built building. A lovely room, well equipped with ensuite, but I think I’d have preferred to stay in one of the original cells.



Being in a port, we decided to eat Fish and Chips. There are several places at the docks and we came back happy and full.


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