Rockingham to Mandurah

We had a very late start, not leaving until 10am. The estate where we spent the night was fully fenced in, so when I looked the maps I walked to the end of a street where there was a park but found I couldn’t access the park because of the fence. We didn’t really fancy the long walk around and prepared to climb the fence. One of the residents helpfully showed us a hole in the fence, thoughtfully hidden behind a bush.


Then we were on our way. We had to walk through the suburbs to get back to the coast on the other side of the peninsula, but for those who follow, be aware that the banks of green you see on the satellite view are walkable – but it’s not obvious until you’re on the ground.


We stopped for morning tea when we reached the ocean.



After a rest we continued along the bay.


And we met a man and his carer who were impressed with our walk. The lady was a walker herself.


Then we came to the dunes, which had a fully paved path running through them. It was some of the best walking we’d had .




Eventually arriving at Port Kennedy we had some lunch and a swim.






H. decided to get the bus so she would have time to catch up with friends she hadn’t seen for over 20 years. We walked for half an hour to get to the bus stop.


We decided to walk another day to  the end of the Perth bus network at Dawesville, so I booked an airbnb in Mandurah.

And then I walked across the Port Kennedy Scientific Park.


I emerged at Secret Harbour and began the walk to Mandurah.There were some lovely parks.


The prevailing wind made itself felt.


The path ended and I had to walk along the beach for some of the way.


The sun set.


But there was enough light to show that wherever you are in Australia, people love to plant norfolk island pines near the beach.


The last of the light.


Right at the end, between Singleton and Madora Bay, there was private property of an unspecified kind that forced me on to the beach again.


And after that it was beach and duneside paths all the way into Mandurah. I noticed many houses, expensive looking, with no lights on. I met H. and her friends for dinner. Our airbnb host did not realise we had booked because the instant book setting was on but she didn’t know. In any case she was very kind and made us very welcome in a lovely 1950s house near the centre of town where she picked us up at 9:30pm after we’d had dinner.


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